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Non-contact 15W UV Laser PCB Depaneling Machine Without Stress

UV Laser PCB depaneling machine are gaining popularity—especially as circuit board complexity and component ratios continue to rise. Microelectronics and medical device manufacturers require close tolerances and minimal debris—this is where laser technology shines. Small footprint and economical cost.
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Non-contact 15W UV Laser PCB Depaneling Machine Without Stress

The reasons choose UV laser depaneling machine:

Tooling expenses and expansive fixtures for die-cutting and other conventional methods is eliminated with laser depaneling.

UV Laser PCB depaneling is done with speed, pin-point accuracy, no tooling cost or wear, no part induced stress, and no cutting oils or other waste. A no-touch depaneling method using lasers provides a highly precise singulation without any risk of harming material, regardless of substrate.

The technology also works in the optimum pulse duration range for printed circuit board material processing. This pulse range plays a key role in processing efficiency and leads to lower cost and maximum use of processing time.

Laser Depaneling Advantages:

1. The laser process is completely software-controlled. Varying materials or cutting contours are easily taken into account by adapting the processing parameters and laser paths. There is also no need to factor in retooling times during a change of production.

2. No appreciable mechanical or thermal stresses occur. The ablation products are extracted by suction directly at the cutting channel. Even sensitive substrates can thus be precisely processed.

3. The laser beam merely requires a few µm as a cutting channel. More components can thus be placed on a panel.

The UV laser pcb depaneling machines oftware differentiates between production and set up processes which drastically reduces instances of faulty operation.

Laser Depaneling Specification:

Laser Q-Switched diode-pumped all solid-state UV laser
Laser Wavelength 355nm
Laser Source UV 15W(optional)
Positioning Precision of Worktable of Linear Motor ±3μm
Repetition Precision of Worktable of Linear Motor ±2μm
Effective Working Field 300mmx300mm(Customizable)
Scanning Speed 2500mm/s (max)
Scanning Range 50mmх50mm

Laser Depaneling Clean and Precise Cutting:

Lasers make clean, burr-free and precise cuts against the edge of circuits and other important components—improving overall design flexibility without damaging the substrate. Because you don’t have to reorder parts or sharpen bits and blade, laser systems are also more cost effective.

Typical Laser Applications:

  • Depaneling flex and rigid PCBs
  • Cover layer cutting
  • Cutting fired and unfired ceramics
  • Microvia drilling
  • Skiving (cover layer removal)
  • Pocket creation
  • Metal ablation (for circuit board creation)

Laser Depaneling Application:

laser depaneling

Our Service:

1. Guarantee for 12 months.

2. Maintenance for whole life.

3. We will provide the consumable parts at an resonable price.

4. 24 hours x 7days online service, free technical support.

5. Machine has been tested before delivery.

6. We have manual instruction and Guiding Videos for installation, operation and machine's using and maintenance.

7. Oversea on-site installation and trainning is available.

8. Vacuum & wooden case packaging is provided free of charge for sea shipment.


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