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Working principle of hotbar soldering machine

Apr 16 , 2021
Working principle of hotbar soldering machine

The principle of hotbar is to first print the solder paste on the PCB, then use heat to melt the solder and connect two electronic components that need to be connected. FPC is usually welded to PCB, which can achieve the purpose of light, thin, short and small. In addition, it can effectively reduce the cost, because 1-2 FPC connectors can be used less.

The general hot bar hot pressing and its principle is to use the electric heat generated by pulse current flowing through molybdenum, titanium and other high resistance materials to heat (the modes / heater tip), and then heat the solder paste on PCB by hot pressing head to achieve the purpose of welding.

The control of pulse current is very important. The control method is to use the thermocouple circuit in the front of the hot head to feed back the real-time temperature of the thermode to the power control center, so as to control the pulse current signal and ensure the accuracy of the temperature on the thermode head.

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