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Why is the price of laser PCB cutting machine high

Aug 16 , 2021
There are many ways of PCB depaneling. Whether it is manual breaking, knife depaneling or punch processing, it will cause certain damage or deformation to the circuit board itself, serious burrs on the cutting edge and dust, especially the disadvantages of traditional processing mode on PCB circuit boards welded with components are exposed. The emergence of PCB laser cutting machine has brought good news to the industry. Non contact processing has good processing effect, and the edge has no burr, damage and deformation. However, the price of PCB laser cutting and dividing machine has deterred most manufacturers, so why is the price of laser processing equipment high?

The components of PCB laser cutting machine are laser, galvanometer / focusing mirror, linear motor, control system, industrial control system, dust extraction and adsorption system, cooling system, marble stabilization platform and cabinet.


The lasers selected are different according to the materials of PCB substrate. For details, please refer to "selection of PCB laser cutting machine lasers". Laser is the core. The stability of laser directly determines the processing effect and efficiency and ensures the product quality. Therefore, we usually use imported lasers, such as Optowave, CTI, IPG, SP, AOW, PI, etc., which are not only stable but also expensive. The cost of laser accounts for one third of the cost of the whole equipment, and there are even more different light sources. Laser is the most expensive core device of PCB laser cutting machine.
pcb laser cutting machine laser head
Cutting head (galvanometer / focusing mirror)

According to different cutting materials, different processing heads are selected. For example, Prester's focusing lens is used for cutting aluminum substrate PCB, and galvanometer is used for cutting epoxy resin material PCB. The main imported brands include CTI, SCANLAB, rayase, etc. The machining head is also the core device, which is an effective guarantee for high-speed efficiency and accuracy. Almost all imported devices are used in the market, and its price will not be cheap.

Linear motor

Linear motor is an effective guarantee for the processing format of PCB laser cutting machine. The larger the processing format, the larger the linear motor used, and the natural price is more expensive. Because the single scanning range of the galvanometer is relatively small, the splicing of linear motor is used. The accuracy of linear motor directly affects the splicing accuracy. If you want to ensure the accuracy within 3 microns, you can only use imported motors, such as Taiwan Shangyin, etc. Although there are many outstanding domestic linear motors, which can be considered when the accuracy requirements are not high, it is always unsatisfactory in general. The price of linear motor is second only to that of laser, and it is an important component.

Software control system

A PCB laser cutting machine is not easy to use. In addition to the stability of hardware, the software control system is the most intuitive embodiment. The software function should realize the compatibility of all functions, and be able to operate foolishly, control, edit and be compatible with all kinds of hardware interfaces. The desired process parameters can be operated directly on the software with one key, which is its core. If a software control is often stuck, incompatibility will not only affect the performance of the equipment, but also affect the normal industrial production. Therefore, a high-quality control system is an important core product after years of accumulated equipment experience and combined with the software developed by customers on site.

Other devices

Any device of PCB laser cutting machine is indispensable. Just like the barrel principle, no board can hold water without it. Therefore, industrial computer, dust extractor, cooler, cabinet and stable platform are indispensable. Compared with the above core devices, these devices can also be replaced by domestic devices, so relatively speaking, The price is relatively cheap.


The price of PCB laser cutting machine is mainly reflected in laser light source, linear motor, galvanometer, software system, etc. these core devices directly stand at more than 90% of the equipment cost, and some auxiliary devices are also essential, such as laser cooling system, processing smoke and dust extraction purification, stable platform, etc.

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