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What is the life time of a PCB depanelizer?

Apr 26 , 2021
What is the life time of a PCB depanelizer?

In recent years, we often see some news cases of workers sudden death due to overwork. We feel sorry for these lost lives, but at the same time, it also reminds us to pay attention to normal rest. And our PCB depanelizer is actually the same as people, if the excessive operation of the use will also affect its life. However, in many electronic products manufacturers, employees work in shifts to improve power, while automatic PCB depanelizer are used intermittently, which is a great damage to the lifetime.

automatic pcb depanelizer

We all know the truth, but how much is the best use time of automatic PCB depanelizer? The factory's purchase of PCB depanelizer is to replace the workers and improve the production power and capacity. How to use the time difference to ensure high power and high capacity, and to give PCB depanelizer enough "rest" time for maintenance? Many people say that the use of six hours is the best, but in the actual use, it is not like this. Because the automatic PCB depanelizer is mainly powered by electricity, after a period of continuous operation, there will be heating. In practice, assuming that the machine is in a heating condition for a long time, it will increase the probability of wear between the components, and even rubber aging, which are important factors affecting the normal life. So the best use of PCB depanelizer is not necessarily six hours, the most important thing is to let it have good heat dissipation performance, not to let it in a hot condition.

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