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What factors are related to the stress of the pizza PCB cutter machine

Sep 07 , 2021
What factors are related to the stress of the pizza PCB cutter machine

1. During the cutting process of the circular blade pcb separator, the PCB does not move and the circular knife slides to ensure that the electronic components of the substrate are not damaged due to movement.

2. The sliding speed of the circular blade is adjustable.

3. In response to the depth of V-groove and tool loss, the distance between the upper circular knife and the lower straight knife can be adjusted accurately.

4. It can solve the problem of parts crossing V-groove to realize plate depaneling.

5. Minimize the internal stress generated during plate cutting to avoid tin cracking.

6. The cutting speed is controlled by the knob, and the slitting stroke can be set freely and displayed on LCD.

At present, there are several types of copper clad plates widely used in China, and their characteristics are as follows: there are many kinds of copper clad plates, knowledge of copper clad plates, and classification methods of copper clad foil plates. With the development and progress of electronic technology, new requirements are put forward for printed board substrate materials, so as to promote the continuous development of copper clad laminate standard.

At present, the main standards of substrate materials are as follows:

① National standards: China's national standards for substrate materials include GB / t4721-47221992 and gb4723-4725-1992. The copper clad laminate standard in Taiwan is CNS standard, which is based on Japanese JIS standard and issued in 1983.

② International standards: Japanese JIS standards, American ASTM, NEMA, mil, IPC, ANSI and UL standards, British BS standards, German DIN and VDE standards, French NFC and ute standards, Canadian CSA standards, Australian as standards, former Soviet FOCT standards, international IEC standards, etc.

The contents explained above are about cutting stress factors of circular blade PCB separator told by the manufacturer of PCB cutting machine. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about our PCB cutting machine, please contact online customer service, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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