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What factors affect the accuracy of laser depaneling

Jul 20 , 2021

What factors affect the accuracy of laser depaneling?

Compared with the traditional PCB separator, the laser depaneling has the advantage of high accuracy, and the accuracy of the equipment produced by different manufacturers is different.
So, what factors will affect the accuracy of optical components in PCB laser depaneling?

1. Laser: laser is the core device. Its stability, beam quality, pulse frequency, pulse width and single pulse energy directly affect the processing speed and effect of PCB laser cutting, and affect the accuracy of the whole machine.

2. Beam expander: equipment often ignored by customers, even some manufacturers do not use wave expander, double beam expander, divergence angle affects the size of the point and processing stability.

3. Vibrating mirror: the vibrating mirror is divided into analog mirror, analog digital mirror and pure digital mirror. The effect of the mirror is good or bad, the processing efficiency is good, and the effect is good. The faster the rear-view mirror is, the better the laser effect is. It acts on the surface of the material, reflecting the accuracy of the whole machine.

4. Lens: also larger than the field mirror, the smaller the field mirror range, the smaller the focus, the higher the pulse energy, the better the processing quality and the higher the accuracy. Of course, another point worth mentioning is that the higher the multiple of the beam expansion mirror, the smaller the scope of the field of view mirror, the smaller the focal point of the spot, and the larger the aperture of the mirror. Generally, the beam expansion lens used for PCB laser extension board is less than 3 times, 5 times or 10 times, and the aperture of the mirror is 10 mm or 14 mm pure digital mirror, while the lens is usually 110 x 110 mm or 40 mm × 40 mm lens.

5. Software and camera: the software is a control system, including electronic control and system control, as well as the visual recognition system of CCD camera. The function of the software is not only the processing program, but also the continuous correction and improvement process, which affects the repeated processing accuracy and positioning accuracy of the equipment.

6. Linear motor: the role of linear motor is self-evident. Almost all manufacturers of traditional PCB separator use servo motor, and they will not use linear motor, because linear motor will be affected by its repetition accuracy and splicing accuracy.

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