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What are the characteristics and principles of pulse heat bonding machine?

Apr 20 , 2021
What are the characteristics and principles of pulse heat bonding machine?

Characteristics of pulse heat bonding machine:
1. The advanced temperature control system can set the heating state of each section sensitively. The temperature, time and other parameters can be controlled with high precision.
2. Rapid and stable heating, partial instantaneous heating method can effectively control the thermal effect on the surrounding components.
3. Show the temperature of each stage.
4. Closed loop online feedback control of thermocouple improves the accuracy of temperature.
5. Welding pressure, welding time and welding temperature can be adjusted accurately.
6. It can store 20 groups of welding parameters, which is very convenient to replace products.
7. Multiple solder joints can be completed at one time, with high efficiency, good consistency, high welding strength, beautiful solder joints and simple operation.
8. 100000 times of welding head life, create value for your customers
Especially suitable for FPC to PCB / HSC to FPC (flexible circuit board) / HSC to LCD / tab to PCB and other products

pulse heat bonding machine

Principle of pulse heat bonding machine:
1. Pulse power supply heating method is to use Joule heat generated by pulse current flowing through high resistance data such as molybdenum and titanium to heat welding. Generally, a hot spot couple is connected at the front end of the heating nozzle, and the power generated from this is fed back to the control power supply in real time to ensure the correctness of the positive setting temperature.
2. The pulse current heating device is an instantaneous heating method, which is only used when the solder needs to be melted.
3. When the current passes through the metal nozzle, it will heat up and then melt the solder. After the solder melts, stop power on and cool. When the solder is pressed until it solidifies, the solder with high reliability can be obtained.

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