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UV Laser PCB Depaneling For Rigid Circuit Boards Separation

Oct 24 , 2020

UV Laser Depaneling For Rigid Circuit Boards Separation

One of the methods gaining in popularity for singulation industry assembly is through the use of UV laser depaneling. This method has the advantage of speed, positional accuracy, no tooling wear and lastly no induced mechanical stresses on components during the singulating process.

One of areospace client is using model SMTL460 for their SMT production line, this is the most effective solution to improve cutting quality as per below picture:

UV laser depaneling effect

Please provide us below info for the best solution recommendation:

1. PCBA panel photo for both top and bottom sides

2. Max panel dimension

3. Min distance between cutting line and component

4. Max component height mounted on both 2 sides

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