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Types of PCB board depanelizer

Apr 12 , 2021
Types of PCB board depanelizer

The common PCB depanelizer are laser depaneling, PCB router, v-cut PCB cutter, PCB punching, blade moving depaneler and pneumatic PCB depanelizer.

Laser depaneling is a new technology. With the development of laser technology, the application of laser technology in the field of electronic manufacturing is more and more. According to the demand, different lasers are used. At present, there are uv laser, CO2 laser, green laser and picosecond laser, and the natural price is also very different. Comprehensive cost-effective point of view, the current mainstream is the use of uv laser and green laser.

UV laser cutting machine for PCB board thickness is low, generally not more than 1 mm, green light is mainly high power, for more than 1 mm PCB laser board. The biggest point of laser depaneling is the cutting efficiency and cutting effect. The cutting edge has no carbonization and burr. And has the adsorption function, this also achieves does not have the dust, smokeless taste. Laser is a non-contact processing method, the thermal effect is small, will not damage the substrate, or active device substrate, no stress. Using CCD positioning, computer control automatic cutting, also can realize the function of automatic loading and unloading. Maximize the production efficiency of equipment and save labor costs.

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