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The application field of PCB router

May 03 , 2021
The application field of Semi-automatic PCB router

This machine is suitable for all kinds of tab boards, such as LED board, printed circuit board, ceramic board, paperboard, etc. LED board can be divided into aluminum pcb, glass welding pcb, FR4 pcb and so on. Strictly speaking, although printed circuit boards are also divided into different types of boards according to the differences in materials. However, depaneling is the same. In a word, if you have a tab panel, you can say it's the specialty of a semi-automatic PCB router.

The defects of manual breaking are replaced by milling cutter machine, which greatly improves the product quality and reduces the scrap rate. When the milling cutter is used for cutting, the cutting stress is small, which is about 1% of the hand breaking type and 0.1% of the punching type, thus greatly reducing the hidden damage to PCBA board. The milling cutter has high cutting accuracy and smooth cutting surface without burr. For customers with high product requirements, it is recommended to choose the semi-automatic PCB router.
semi-automatic PCB router
Milling cutter can cut straight line, arc, curve and oblique line. The high speed spindle is used in the milling cutter board dividing machine to divide the printed circuit board, which has low stress and high precision, and is suitable for any shape of circuit board. The double work tables are available for placing and cutting at the same time, and it can cut different applications at the same time.

The lower dust collecting method is adopted in the semi-automatic PCB router, which is in line with the free falling body theory. The dust collecting effect is good, and the cutting is fixed more firmly, avoiding the cutting accuracy error caused by poor positioning. The safety door can be used for cutting, reducing noise and dust, improving safety performance. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with water suction tank, which can be maintained according to the cutting requirements of production capacity or cleaning time. The use of milling cutter and plate splitter can improve the operation efficiency.

The production of special fixture for milling cutter is conducive to fixing the product to be cut and ensuring that the product cutting requirements achieve good results. When cutting, the front section of the spindle will be attached with anti-static, so continuous air blowing is needed to reduce the static electricity generated during high-speed spindle cutting, so as to avoid the damage of static electricity to parts.

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