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Relationship between PCB board and PCB Separator Machines

Sep 09 , 2021
Relationship between PCB board and PCB Separator Machines

Many people will disdain the relationship between PCB board and PCB separator machines. PCB separator machines is the equipment for cutting PCB board. What else does it matter. This can be said to be correct, but it can not be said to be completely correct. Why?

We are no stranger to PCB separator machines, but we need to say that not all pcb separator machines can cut all PCB boards. This should not be difficult to understand. Just as people specialize in technology, different types of pcb separator machines also have different advantages and emphases in the cutting of PCB boards with different materials and shapes. In addition, even if a certain PCB separator machine has an absolute advantage on a certain PCB, pay attention to the cooperation between the two.

pcb depaneling machine

For example, we all know that the curve PCB depaneling machine has been regarded as a very cost-effective PCB separator in the current market. We can use milling cutter straight-line or curve cutting to cut connected PCB boards of various sizes. However, not all PCB boards can be cut. It also depends on the structural layout of PCB boards. If the distribution of small PCB boards is too dense and the single cutting stroke is too long, PCB boards should be designed and modified, because the use of PCB separator machine is not only to replace manual depaneling and save labor, but also to improve production efficiency and production capacity. If the PCB design is not scientific enough, the milling cutter of the cutting machine is easy to break or the cutting stroke is too long to delay time, it will have a great impact on improving efficiency and productivity, which is not cost-effective.

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