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Precautions for PCB depaneler

Mar 10 , 2020

Precautions for PCB depaneler

In the process of use, it is strictly forbidden to extend your hand into the inside of the machine. In any case of machine operation, the protective plate around the blade should not be removed to avoid accidents. In addition, the PCB depaneler is only used as a cutter, and can not be used for other purposes. In the whole process of use, it is necessary to do a good job in electrostatic protection, and the staff must wear the electrostatic ring before they work. What should we pay attention to?

pcb depaneler

When using the PCB depaneler, the staff must put the PCB partition slot on the fixed knife base, and move the PCB depaneler horizontally. When operating the machine, they should not wear too loose clothes, and their long hair must be tied up to avoid accidents.

What should we pay attention to? During the period of stopping operation, the staff should pay attention to the maintenance work, pay attention to the protection of the upper and lower positioning plates and the upper and lower blades at any time, remove the surface and internal debris of the machine, and check the fastening of the machine screws at any time. If the machine does not work for a long time, the upper and lower positioning plates and upper and lower cutters should be removed and protected by oil, which can be wiped off before use. In addition, before using the machine should also check whether the circuit is damaged and so on.

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