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Precautions during programming of led robotic soldering machine

Aug 25 , 2021

Precautions during programming of LED robotic soldering machine

With the continuous development of electronic industry, robotic soldering machine, as an excellent means to replace manual welding, is more and more popular. The LED robotic automatic soldering machine has the functions of position correction, solder joint array, parameter replication, automatic positioning, skipping and so on; The intelligent control system realizes the adjustable and accurate control of tin feeding speed, time and solder quantity. At present, the working efficiency of automatic soldering machine is gradually increasing, which has well replaced manual soldering. What are the precautions in the programming process of automatic soldering machine? Now let's introduce it to you.

Precautions during programming of LED robotic soldering machine:
led robotic soldering machine
1. Before programming, make sure there is no tin on the soldering iron head. If there is tin, first raise the temperature of the soldering iron head, clean up the residual tin, and then program.

2. During programming, if the soldering iron head is far from the solder joint, switch the speed to medium speed or high speed. If it is close to the solder joint, switch the speed to low speed and then locate the coordinates.

3. After editing a point, be sure to set the lifting height of the soldering iron head. If there are high components between two points, be sure to set the lifting height above the height of the components.

4. In the process of programming, the setting of coordinate position and solder joint parameters will take effect only after saving. Therefore, we must remember to save after setting to avoid data loss and programming time waste.

5. In the programming process, if the size of the solder joint is the same, we can set the same set of welding parameters without repeatedly editing the welding parameters in the menu. It can be used directly. If the size of the solder joint is different, we should reset the welding parameters.

6. After programming, we must remember to set the tin withdrawal amount to 0 in the process parameters to save the time of tin delivery.

7. After programming, in the end action, the position of the soldering iron head at the end must be set back to the origin to ensure the accuracy of the machine in the process of movement.

The above content is an introduction to the precautions of LED robotic soldering machine in the programming process. Automatic soldering machine is an essential automatic equipment in modern manufacturing industry. It plays a vital role in the production process and has the advantages of improving product quality and efficiency. In addition, whether the automatic soldering tin can achieve a high quality, the choice of soldering iron head is very important. At present, there are many models and styles of soldering iron heads of various manufacturers. They all have a common purpose, that is to weld your product, so different solder joints need different soldering iron heads.

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