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PCB separator says no to defective products

Jul 21 , 2021
PCB separator says no to defective products

Over the years, in the whole automation market, there are a few automatic v-cut PCB separator products that cut corners and replace inferior ones with good ones. In fact, from the perspective of a manufacturer, this is a very irresponsible behavior, and it is also a deception to consumers. In recent years, it has been exposed on the Internet that the quality problems of mechanical equipment lead to production accidents, so we are more rigorous in the production of products and equipment. All the equipment that need to leave the factory should be inspected by special personnel, and the inferior products are forbidden to enter the market, so as to safeguard the interests of customers with strength and responsibility.

Safe and stable automatic v-cut PCB separator is very important for users. Only when the production equipment is good, it haS higher production efficiency and quality. FUSEN through dozens of customer cases, constantly sum up experience, safety, humanized design into them, make the equipment in production operation more convenient, higher safety performance. The equipment has two working platforms, higher production capacity, shorter production time! With double y-axis, servo motor + precision screw design, it is more stable and safer than the air cylinder, avoiding the production safety risks, so that employees can safely produce.

Automatic v-cut PCB separator fully embodies the humanized design, in addition to the excellent production characteristics, there are multiple security settings. Fusen adheres to the coexistence of efficiency and quality, and deeply understands the needs of users. We have won the trust of customers for its intimate service and conscientious products! Welcome to consult purchasing!

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