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PCB Router Vacuum Cleaning System Introduction

Apr 01 , 2021

PCB Router Vacuum Cleaning System Introduction

A lot of dust will be produced during cutting by the PCB router machine. In view of this problem, manufacturers generally have a complete set of vacuum cleaners, but we also need to know what good vacuum cleaners are characterized by, here we share maintenance of vacuum cleaners, milling cutters, shunters and daily troubleshooting.

Vacuum cleaner

Introduction to vacuum cleaner of pcb router machine:
The vacuum cleaner is used in the environment with high safety factor, and its noise decibel is very low. Suitable for quiet environment. High reliability, can be competent for more heavy cleaning work, but also has explosion-proof function.
Generally, it is widely used in various industries or areas of clean table, such as electronic products and PCB cutting after vacuum cleaning.

Features of the vacuum cleaner:
1. Low noise, durable, high efficiency: the brush type dust collector of vacuum cleaner can make the fan bear higher working temperature, improve the reliability and service life of the fan, and make the machine work continuously for a long time, and can run continuously for 7 x 24 hours.
2. High filtration efficiency: the larger filtration area enables the machine to ensure the best air flow, while the manual filter vibrator makes the filter very easy to clean.
3. Modularization: filter self-cleaning system, high efficiency filter and bag garbage disposal system are optional equipment.
4. Simple operation and maintenance: super large capacity garbage can, equipped with fast and simple garbage dumping system, makes the garbage very easy to empty. The structure is compact and stable.
5. High filtration efficiency: the large surface area of the filter can ensure the best filtration effect when filtering dust. Effective filters and garbage bags are optional.
6. Compact and elegant design: the fuselage adopts symmetrical and balanced design, which is very beautiful and fashionable.
7. Stainless steel muffler is installed at the outlet of the motor, so your working environment is quieter. The machine can work continuously and filter the exhaust air.
8. The built-in cyclone separator and manual dust removal vibration can clean the filter element only by gently shaking the handle from left to right, and it can also be cleaned in the start-up state.
9. The independent dust collecting bucket can be cleaned conveniently and quickly to avoid the secondary pollution to the environment.

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