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PCB Router Maintenance

Jun 03 , 2020

PCB Router Maintenance

We need to carry out daily maintenance of the equipment, so that the equipment can work normally and efficiently. So, how to maintain the automatic PCB router?

automatic pcb router

1. For daily use, the power must be turned off after the work is finished.
2. When using the automatic automatic PCB router, it is necessary to clean and maintain the equipment regularly. The specific operation method is to clean each part with proper sprinkling, and dilute the dust in its dust collection to ensure its clean use.
3. If the milling cutter has abnormal vibration or noise during use, it needs to stop and check it. When checking, it is necessary to ensure that the power supply is turned off.
4. In the cleaning and maintenance, pay attention to avoid alcohol and dirt falling into the spindle, so as not to affect its normal work.
5. For the maintenance of sliding rod and bearing of automatic automatic PCB router, it is necessary to add lubricating oil at appropriate time, and tighten the loose parts.
6. If it is found that the tool is damaged, it should be replaced in time, and then add lubricating oil. Lubricant is to reduce friction and equipment wear.

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