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PCB Depaneling Router Cutting Position

May 28 , 2021

PCB Depaneling Router Cutting Position

The PCB depaneling router machine is a conditional type of PCB separator with the characteristics of compact structure and strong rigidity; And the operation of PCB router is simple, safe and easy to change the die. But we should pay attention to the cutting position when using it.

pcb depaneling router machine table
1. The operator of the router machine determines the direction and the forward and reverse, places board on the special fixture, gently presses it down with the palm of the hand when placing it, confirms that the board has been placed, and then covers the fixture tightly. At this time, everything is ready. When the operator presses the green button with his left and right hands, the worktable will automatically enter the cutting position. Click the button on the software, and pay attention to check that the button is red. It is necessary to observe whether each cutting position is correct. After checking, the worktable will automatically exit. When the check result is correct, click the stop button on the software, and the button is red, Wait a few seconds and it turns green.

2. After completing a series of tests, the PCB depaneling router machine will start processing formally. The operator will press the software button to run it, and the vacuum cleaner, spindle and electrostatic eliminator will also start automatically. When cutting the PCB, pay attention to observe whether the cutter position is correct. If the cutter position is not correct, offset or not, there is a red stop button on the left and right of the cutter. At this time, as soon as one button is pressed, the cutter will stop immediately. After the cutter stops, you need to find an engineer to solve it.

3. When the PCB depaneling router machine cuts PCB board, the worktable will automatically exit, and the cut PCB board is qualified. If there are unqualified products, you need to find an engineer to modify program.

That's all for today's explanation. For the PCB router, we must pay attention to observe the cutting position and have a certain understanding. If you want to know more about it, please contact us freely.

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