Hot Bar Soldering Machine

Mini Programmable Hot Bar Soldering Machine

Hot bar soldering, also known as pulsed heat thermode or pulse bonding, is accomplished when two pre-fluxed, solder or adhesive coated parts are heated, causing the solder to melt, flow, and then solidify, forming a permanent electromechanical bond. Small footprint and easy to operate.
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Min Programmable Hot Bar Soldering Machine


Our Hot Bar Soldering Machines have been used over the years for various applications, including soldering in manufacturing of electronic equipment or electronic components, ACF bonding, wire welding, and thermo-compression bonding.


Hot Bar Soldering Machine ;is an excellent tool and extremely effective in bonding components and parts that are different and not easy to stick together. Classic hot bar, pulse bonding, resistance soldering equipment applications include flexible circuits, ribbon cables, wires, flex to PCB, flex to LCD, and thermo compression bonding of gold ribbon as found in the telecommunications, computer, automotive, display industries and other.


Machine size 530×440×700mm
Working area Max 150*150mm
Machine weight 60Kg
Working air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Fixture quantity 1
Thermode head size Max 80*8mm
Welding precision pitch 0.2mm
Pressing time 1~99.9s
Temperature settings RT~500℃ tolerance ±5℃
Welding pressure 1~20Kg
Temperature settings Two
Working environment 10-60℃,40%-95%
Power supply AC220V±10% 50HZ,2200W


Customized Thermode and Fixtures:

thermode head ; ;thermode ; ;hotbar soldering fixture

Thermode Head Introduction:

Molybdenum alloy head to ensure temperature stability, fast heating speed and long service life.

The level of soldering head is adjustable , to ensure uniformpart assembly processing.

Digital display to control temperature,easy and clear.

With digital pressure meter, can be preset pressure range.

Special welding materials.

It is equipped with precise PID control, phase Angle instead of pulse drive.

Little vibration, low noise, no voltage fluctuation.

Molybdenum alloy soldering head instead of traditional titanium alloy, warmmingfaster, good coefficient of heat transfer, wear-resisting.


During hot bar soldering, a thermode is heated to a specific temperature by a pulse heat power supply. The thermode applies sufficient heat to cause the solder to melt and flow, after which the components are cooled under pressure, thereby creating an electro-mechanical bond between the two components. Hot Bar Soldering Machine is available for FFC to PCB soldering, FPC to PCB soldering, wires to PCB soldering, copper to copper soldering, ect.

Our Certificate:

PCB Separator certificate

Company Profile:

hot bar soldering machine manufacturer

2008, Dongguan factory established, and start producing standard v-cut PCB separators and hot bar soldering machines.

2010, Our products are widely sold in local market.

2012, Start producing customized v-cut depaneling and PCB router.

2014, ;Expand our sales team for providing better service to more customers.

2015, Start manufacturing laser depaneling machines.

2017, Start manufacturing ;soldering robot and screwdriver machines.

2018, HK company established.
2019, Huizhou factory established, due to expansion.

2020, Business expansion again, products covering PCB depaneling, PCB soldering, screwdriver system, etc. ;

2021, Our machines cover all Chinese market and also popular in America, Europe, South Asia, East Asia, etc.

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