Automatic Soldering Robot


May 10 , 2021

At present, some large and medium-sized medical equipment are controlled by the industrial motherboard. The medical equipment using the industrial motherboard mainly includes the following categories: life information and support, clinical testing, digital ultrasound, and radiation imaging. These industrial motherboards can be separated and welded by our v-cut pneumatic PCB depanelizer, laser depaneling machine, hot bar soldering machines and soldering robots.

The requirements of cleaning and environmental protection for the welding of medical devices or medical accessories are high, and with the emergence of more precision medical instruments, the welding process requirements become higher and higher. Especially in the plastic medical accessories, the use of robotic soldering machine is a very good choice, it meets the basic welding requirements of the medical industry.

Automatic soldering machine belongs to the post position of wave soldering and reflow soldering. Its main function is to weld some components that can not used wave soldering and reflow soldering. Its application field and industry are relatively wide. ;Due to the differences of products, there will be differences in efficiency and jigs. It is mainly supplied to electronic product manufacturers. Model SMTSR223, SMTSR114, SMTSR124 is popular.

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