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Maintenance method of vacuum cleaner of PCB depaneling router

May 29 , 2021
Maintenance method of vacuum cleaner of PCB depaneling router

First, we will introduce the preparation of the vacuum cleaner:
1. Check whether the power cord, plug, switch and other parts of the vacuum cleaner are damaged, otherwise it needs to be repaired or replaced.
2. Check whether the vacuum bucket of the vacuum cleaner is clean and whether the accessories (suction pipe, pickpocket, dust collection bag, etc.) are blocked.
3. Check the suction status of the whole vacuum cleaner to confirm whether it is normal. Otherwise, the connection position of the connecting parts and the sealing ring at the nose root must be checked.
4. Check and confirm the cleaning task of working environment. If dust is collected, fill the dust collection bag.

Precautions for the use of vacuum cleaner of PCB depaneling router:
1. Check whether the motor plug of vacuum cleaner is firmly inserted and firm, otherwise the motor will fluctuate after electrified, which will lead to insufficient suction and affect the service life of the motor.
2. When the vacuum cleaner is clean, the motor can be controlled flexibly, such as motor. If only one or two motors can achieve the goal, it is not necessary to start another motor. If large areas of cleaning, three motors must be used to cycle as much as possible.
3. During the process of using vacuum cleaner, the power connection shall not be too long, and the power cord shall not be lengthened without authorization, and the wire diameter shall not be less than the machine requirements. At the same time, the power cord should not be circled to generate magnetic field, which will cause the voltage to be insufficient for the machine.
4. Pay attention to the noise change of the vacuum cleaner motor. If the noise of the motor changes suddenly and violently, the connecting pipe must be checked or the capacity is full. At this point, it is necessary to clean the pipe or object in the barrel. There is also a huge noise, that is, vacuum cleaner motor has problems, need to be repaired in time.
5. When dust is needed to be cleaned, the nose of the machine shall be removed and the machine shall not be placed upside down to ensure that the dust will not enter the motor and ensure that no corrosive substances enter the motor, so as to avoid damage.

The common maintenance problems and methods of vacuum cleaner:
The vacuum cleaner of PCB depaneling router is a common cleaning tool. It has a set of related support facilities. It can be used to collect waste, filter and clean air during plate making machine production, and can also be used in conjunction with auxiliary cleaning facilities. Connecting with other auxiliary cleaning facilities can filter dust and debris generated during production, thus protecting the health of the cleaner to a certain extent.

Because of the cleaning environment of the vacuum cleaner, there are some small problems in the vacuum cleaner . Here, we will teach you some common problems and maintenance methods of vacuum cleaner of diaphragm so that when the following problems occur, no professional maintenance personnel are ok for maintenance.

1. The vacuum cleaner is not strong enough.
Sometimes, the opportunity to vacuum feels laborious and not clean. The problem is simple. The dust collection bag is full or the holes in the bag are blocked, so the garbage cannot enter. At this time, the vacuum cleaner of the diverter should be removed, or the internal dust collection bag should be replaced or the dust in the dust collector should be removed. The hose shall be clean.

2. Filter bag blocked
Since the filter bag is easy to adhere to dust, the dust collector must be shaken frequently and dust removed from the flannel cloth.

3. The main problem in the parts of vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner of the plate separator is that there is no vacuum in the vacuum cleaner of PCB depaneling router.
First, check whether the fan of the vacuum cleaner of the distributor is loose, and if it is loose, tighten the fan. You can also add lubricating oil between fans to make the fan rotate more smoothly. The seal between the top cover and the middle housing shall be screwed down.
When loose, the gasket around the motor should be replaced and tightened in time.

4. The dust brush is loose or damaged.
If the mechanical and electrical brush is damaged, the motor will still rotate, but the suction of the vacuum cleaner of the diverter will be weakened. At this time, the rotary brush should be removed again and the position of the rotary brush and unit should be adjusted so that the brush hair can fully rub with the ground. In this way, the dust removal effect will be very good. Or replace the brush with a new one.

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