Automatic Soldering Robot

LED Lighting

May 10 , 2021

PCB separator machine is widely used in LED industry, and deeply loved by industry customers. SMTD3 with 6 circular blades is workable for simple led strip cutting. The production capacity of this machine can reach 2000 PCS / hour. For the high production capacity of LED strip cutting, the multi blade cutting machine SMTAD10 can solve the problem of efficiency. Similarly, the PCB punch machine is also very suitable for punching the LED board connected with the milling joints/stamp holes, which improves the efficiency and saves the manufacturing cost for LED industry customers.

led pcb separator application

And automatic soldering robot is suitable for the soft LED strip soldering and wires to LED boards welding. ;Different models have different production efficiency, because the production capacity of LED industry is generally high, customers prefer to the models with more efficient, double tables, double heads, such as SMTSR223, SMTSR213 & SMTSR124.

led industry soldering robot application

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