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LED Industry Multi-blade PCB Depaneling Machine Cutting 6-10 Boards

Multi-blade PCB depaneling machine has upper 2 groups and lower 2 groups blades, cutting PCB boards to lower stress, high productivity.
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LED Industry Multi-blade PCB Depaneling Machine Cutting 6-10 Boards

The multi-blade PCB depaneling machine is equipped with standard upper and bottom 20 groups of blades which can separate the 10 lines or more LED light bars at same time. All blades are made of endurable SKD11 high speed steel.

PCB clamping and conveying system ensure precise separating without deformation and burrs.

The multi-blade PCB depaneling machine adopts touch screen and PLC control system which can monitor production information.

Full english operation interface, easy to operate.

Multi-blade PCB Depaneling Machine Features:

1. It can cut many boards with multiple sets of knives work at the same time.

2. The knife flywheel is adjustable as a whole from 0 to 5mm

3. The distance between knives is regulable as well, satisfy to cutting the single PCB width from 15mm-20mm

4. The blade is made of Japan imported high speed and high precision steel material, which is durable and have a long service life.

5. It is convenient to adjust the cutting speed through rotary knob

6. No limits of the cutting length.

7. Thickness range of PCB: 0.8-3.5mm

8. With a conveyor belt line, the separated PCB can be send out directly to reduce pick- and-place.

9. The machine adopts multiple blade to separate boards with simple operation and high efficiency.

10. Themulti-blade PCB depaneling machinecan connect the production line to separate the PCB, fitted for batch production.


Multi-blade PCB Depaneling Machine Specification:

Max cutting length No limit
Min cutting length 100mm
Max panel width 220mm
Custom cutting width 300mm
Min PCB width 8mm
PCB thickness 0.8-3.5mm
Feeding speed 0-500mm/s
Working tem. 10-35℃
Blade material(auto-lock function) Imported high precision steel
Storge tem. -20-50℃
Voltage 110-220V
Dimension 2160*570*1050mm

Multi-blade PCB Depaneling Applications:

This multi-blade PCB depaneling machine is suitable for high volume LED strip boards singulation.

multi blade pcb separator

Multi-blade PCB Depaneling Machine Details:

1. Has strong versatlity and can be used with production line to change PCB freely. High degree of automation, simple operation, saving manufacuturing cost.

2. The screws are automatically arranged, supplied, and screened with special shaped screws, which automatically replenish empty materials. High productivity.

3. Precise control of torque, easy adjustment and guarantee of locking quanlity. LCD display, counting and alarm functions, safe and noise free.

multi blade pcb depaneler ; ;multi slicer pcb separator ; ;multi blade pcb depaneling machine

Our Certificate:

PCB Separator certificate

Company Profile:

pcb cutting machine factory

2008, Dongguan factory established, and start producing standard v-cut PCB separators and hot bar soldering machines.

2010, Our products are widely sold in local market.

2012, Start producing customized v-cut depaneling and PCB router.

2014, ;Expand our sales team for providing better service to more customers.

2015, Start manufacturing laser depaneling machines.

2017, Start manufacturing ;soldering robot and screwdriver machines.

2018, HK company established.
2019, Huizhou factory established, due to expansion.

2020, Business expansion again, products covering PCB depaneling, PCB soldering, screwdriver system, etc. ;

2021, Our machines cover all Chinese market and also popular in America, Europe, South Asia, East Asia, etc.

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