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Introduction of PCB laser depaneling machine

Sep 23 , 2021
Introduction of PCB laser depaneling machine

PCB depaneling is an important process in the production process of mass electronic assembly. In order to improve the output of printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing and the linear speed of surface mount (SMT), the printed circuit board is usually designed as a large board, which will be divided into many smaller single PCB small boards by using PCB depaneling machine equipment in the final product. This large PCB board can be called connecting board or PCB panel. This large connecting board or panel is divided into small pieces. In different product processes, it may be divided after SMT, after ICT, after welding through-hole SMT, or before the final product assembly.

PCB depaneling machine is a machine used in the process of continuous cutting of PCB. The quality of traditional manual folding is uncontrollable, and there are hidden dangers for the work safety of folding personnel. However, due to the uneven force of manual folding and the difference of folding angle position, PCB electrical circuit, parts and tin track are damaged and components fall off, Copper foil deformation and plate falling off and other short service life and adverse phenomena.

Compared with the quality problem of traditional manual folding, the emergence of PCB laser depaneling machine makes up for this disadvantage. PCB depaneling machine has obvious advantages. PCB laser depaneling machine has high work efficiency in production. PCB depaneling machine is very safe when working. Any enterprise should pay attention to the production safety of products in addition to the quality of products, This process has been mandatory by European and American customers as early as 2004.

The principle of PCB laser depaneling machine is to irradiate the surface of PCB circuit board with high-energy beam, and realize the vaporization cutting of PCB materials by controlling the parameters such as beam energy density, frequency, speed and processing times.

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