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How to select a hot bar soldering machine?

Apr 19 , 2021

How to select a hot bar soldering machine?

Pay attento to the parameters when selecting a hot bar soldering machine, so as to ensure that it can work well, such as USB cable welding, as well as welding between flexible circuit board and circuit board and so on.

1. When choosing a hot bar soldering machine, you must find a professional factory to buy it, so that its quality can be well guaranteed. Fusen gurantees high quality and stable machines which provide great help in future maintenance.

2. Choose the type of hot bar soldering, pay attention to its temperature conditioning scale, also can be well applied to the temperature of welding products, the best choice is the temperature to be numerical control, high precision.

4. Generally, when selecting the botbar, vacuum function should be selected, which can be well adjusted and welded to make the operation easier.

5. We should also have a digital press, so that when it comes to welding operation, we can determine its pressure scale.

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