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Hot bar soldering machine 6 maintenance methods

Apr 23 , 2021
Six maintenance methods of hot press:

With the increasing use of hot bar soldering, it needs regular maintenance. Today, Fusen will tell you about six maintenance methods:
1. Check the whole machine every 6 months (according to the requirements of assembly and test run).
2. Wear and corrosion on the surface of large piston and loader piston, especially the section of sealing ring at the highest position.
3. Whether all parts of the hot pressing plate are consistent when heating up (whether the internal heat transfer oil channel is blocked or not).
4. All hydraulic system size seal ring wear and all valve core, spring and valve wear.
5. Wear condition of gear, pulley and guide rail.

6. Wear and seal of internal parts of each oil pump; Horizontal position and foundation condition of frame.

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