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Fusen Laser Depaneling Machine Characteristics

Apr 30 , 2021

Fusen Laser Depaneling Machine Characteristics

Laser PCB depaneling machine has the characteristics of high cost performance and strong applicability. It is not only suitable for precision cutting and drilling of various thickness of flex PCB, rigid PCB and composite plate, but also suitable for cutting and drilling of other materials such as glass, ceramics, thin metal plate and so on. Keep the consistency of cutting quality. It is no longer empty talk to improve the efficiency and quality of pcb board. Laser depaneling is our representative product. Its performance, speed, safety and other aspects are recognized by many customers in the industry. In addition, Fusen adheres to the customer-centered after-sales service, and carries out radial tracking service around customers until it completely solves the production problems for you and customizes the laser cutting.

Please share your PCB details for a solution recommendation:

1. Panel photo

2. Max panel dimension

3. Max component height

4. Distance from component to cutting line

5. Daily capacity

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