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Flex Board FPC Die Tooling PCB Punching Machine

Flex PCB punching machine is designed for PCB/FPC which is connected by milling joints and stamp holes, has high efficiency precision stamping and punching effect.

Its minimum cutting precision is ±0.05mm for spcial slim PCBs.

Suitable for LED boards depaneling.

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Flex Board FPC Die Tooling PCB Punching Machine

The flex PCB punching machine, compact and firm structure, pressure cylinder output, environmental pollution free, large output, and simple operation. And the flex pcb punching machine adopts the latest gas-electric lightweight design, can use all kinds of knife die. Cutting various effectively apply to cut Rigid pcb, Flexible pcb(FPC), Rigid-Flexible pcb.


Working area 360x230mm
Working pressure 0.45-0.7MPa
Cutting precision ±0.05mm
Cycle time 7-15 seconds
Output 3/5/8T
PCB/FPC thickness 0.08-3.5mm
PCB/FPC material FPC, FR1, FR4, CEM-1, CEM-3
Punching fixture Die tooling
Operation language English
Stoke 50mm
Mold height 170mm
Power 220VAC 50Hz
Fuse 3A
Machine dimension 800x750x1700mm
Machine weight 480kgs


1. Depaneling PCB/FPC by means of punching dies, to avoid micro-cracks caused by manual.

2. Die toolings is changeable

3. Easy set up of punching die

4. Loading and unloading PCBs is convenient

5. Easy operation, has safe protection system

6. Air cylinder driven


1. Custom die tooling

2. Custom tray handling design

3. Safety eclosure custom design

4. Contact us for more custom options


1. Die tooling replacement

2. Punching bites replacement


PCB Punching Die tooling


1. Guarantee for 12 months.

2. Maintenance for whole life.

3. We will provide the consumable parts at an resonable price.

4. 24 hours x 7days online service, free technical support.

5. Machine has been tested before delivery.

6. We have manual instruction and Guiding Videos for installation, operation and machine's using and maintenance.

7. Oversea on-site installation and trainning is available.

8. Vacuum & wooden case packaging is provided free of charge for sea shipment.


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