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May 10 , 2021

Mobile phones, TV sets, air conditioners and other large and small household appliances and daily necessities will use a variety of circuit boards, thus creating a huge market collective of PCB ; separator machines.
With the rapid increase of the global demand for intelligent mobile equipment, the demand for PCB separators also increases greatly. Therefore, it is very important to improve the production capacity and efficiency. At present, the enterprise has basically realized the automatic board instead of manual board. Of course, to realize the process of automatic board depaneling, we must use the PCB separator machine. Compared with manual breaking, it not only improves the production efficiency, but also greatly reduces the scrap rate of products, and prevent the damage and displacement of components. It has greater quality assurance than manual and scissors assembly. It is a necessary electronic equipment for electronic manufacturers.

Hot bar soldering machine is mainly used in the production and application of electronic products such as mobile phone, resistance capacitance touch screen, etc. For example, FFC (hard wire) / FPC (soft wire) hot press soldering to PCB (circuit board) soldering process; Or ACF process of crimping to glass.
1. Mobile phone (FPC of mobile phone screen is welded to PCB)( Mobile phone camera (FPC welded to PCB), etc.
2. Touch screen (resistance touch screen and capacitance touch screen are widely used in fog bonding process in the later stage of production process).
3. Hot press welding and soldering of FPC for LCD, PDP and other electronic products.
4. Solder the enameled wire of HDD coil, capacitor, sensor, etc.
5. The cable in the communication machine and the soldering of the parallel port.
6. Resin hot press bonding for small cameras, etc.
7. The gold wire inside the microwave element is hot pressed.
8. Soldering of CMOS, CCD and FPC board of digital camera, mobile phone, etc.
9. ACF hot pressing, etc.
10. Most electronic display products can be used in a wide range.

hot bar soldering machine application

Anyway, V-cut PCB depanelizer, PCB punching, PCB routers, laser PCB depaneling, hot bar soldering machine, soldering robot are suitable for all industries applications. Many of our customers have purchased SMTP330, SMTPD2, SMTAD5, SMTR02, SMTR05, SMTR09, SMTL400, SMTL350, SMTSR114, SMTSR223, SMTSR224, SMTSR124.

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