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Daily Maintenance of V-cut PCB Separator

Apr 19 , 2021
Daily Maintenance of V-cut PCB Separator

When the PCB profession was not so prosperous, the PCB boards at that time were all hand breaking, but the power of hand breaking was low, and the PCB had more rough edges, and the scrap rate was also high. Then, the V-cut PCB separator was born.

v-cut pcb separator

The operation principle of the separator is to separate the PCB quickly and accurately through the machine, eliminate the rough edges, and reduce the void rate. With the change of the times, there are more and more types of separators, such as knife moving type, PCB moving type, pneumatic type, etc., which are widely used in mobile phone occupation, electronic occupation, led occupation, wire occupation, etc.

In the daily operation, it is inevitable that there will be some loss, so we should pay more attention to the maintenance, which will reduce the loss and prolong the life. Here, We'd like to share with you some of the experiences we've learned from work for many years.

1. Usually after work, remember to turn off the power. Before work, clean up the waste in the tools. Some small residues may cause damage to the components.

2. Scrub the separator regularly. When the equipment looks shiny, people's working passion will be greatly increased. If there are customers involved in the factory, it will improve the impression.

3. If the machine doesn't work for a long time, take the blades apart and apply oil on it. When you want to use it, wipe off the oil.

4. Always check the machine to see if there is shaking. Generally, this kind of situation is caused by loosening the screw.

Finally, when we do our daily work, we must pay more attention to the maintenance of the cutting tools. We usually have to maintain the machinery on a regular basis, so that the life of the machinery will be longer and the corresponding cost will be reduced in disguise.

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