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Characteristics of V-cut PCB Separator and Factors Affecting Stress

Apr 10 , 2021

Characteristics of V-cut PCB Separator and Factors Affecting Stress

V-cut PCB separator is also called PCB cutter. It adopts a new type of linear/circular cutter design, and completes the micro shear stress cutting stroke at one time. The cutter is suitable for cutting PCB with V-groove. The board does not move, and the cutting blade moves forward and backward. The shear stress is reduced and the potential quality risk of the product is reduced. The cutting machine is made of high speed steel and can be used repeatedly. Now let's talk about the stress effect of PCB cutter.

From the point of view of physics, we can understand that when the material can not produce displacement under the action of external force, its geometry and size will change. This deformation is called strain.

When the material is deformed, there will be equal but opposite reaction force inside to resist the external force. The concentration of distributed internal force at a certain point is called stress. In short, the internal force per unit area of a point in the cross section under study is called stress, the normal of the cross section is called normal stress or normal stress, and the tangent of the cross section is called shear stress. Or shear stress.

First of all, like some moveable knife PCB cutters, the PCB substrate does not move in the cutting process, and the round knife slips. This ensures that the electronic components of the substrate will not be damaged due to movement, and is also a factor affecting the stress of the separator. In addition, it can adjust the sliding speed of the round cutter, the depth of the V-groove, the loss of the cutter, and the precise adjustment of the interval between the upper round cutter and the lower straight cutter.

Secondly, factory uses a PCB separator to minimize the stress, which can avoid PCB cracking and other damage caused by the separation process. Some plate splitters complete plate segmentation by crossing V-grooves. Cutting speed is controlled by knob. The split stroke of the circuit board can be set freely with LCD display. These factors also affect the PCB separator stress.

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