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Causes of rough and broken soldering of automatic soldering machine!

Jan 11 , 2022
Causes of rough and broken soldering of automatic soldering machine!

Automatic soldering machine is no longer a strange word for the electronic industry. At present, manufacturers are using automatic welding machines. It is mainly used for welding and peak welding. So what is the reason for the rough welding of automatic soldering machine? 

Rough welding of automatic soldering machine
1. If the solder composition is incorrect, check the solder composition to determine the solder type and appropriate alloy welding temperature.
2. After correcting the conveying speed, an unreasonable relationship between welding preheating temperature and time temperature can be established.
3. Before cooling the solder, check the conveyor with mechanical vibration to ensure that the substrate does not collide or vibrate during welding solidification.
4. Solder contaminated. Check the impurity pattern to determine the appropriate method (dilution or replacement of tin) to reduce or remove contaminated solder in the tin can.

Reasons for frequent cutting of automatic welding machine:
1. Grease and impurities attached to the surface can be cleaned with solvent.
2. Improper parts and terminal materials. Check each part to improve the cleaning and immersion of the terminal.
3. Silicone oil, general release agent and lubricating oil contain this oil, which is not easy to clean completely. Therefore, chemicals containing silicone oil should be avoided in the manufacturing process of electronic components. Please note that the antioxidant oil used in electric furnace is not this kind of oil.
4. Due to improper storage time, environment or manufacturing process, tin surface oxidation and copper surface passivation of substrate or parts are serious. Switching flux usually does not solve this problem. Rewelding helps improve tin eating.
5. In the PCB production process, how to polish the particles remaining on the PCB surface is a difficult problem faced by PCB manufacturers.
6. Insufficient welding time or temperature of Automatic soldering robot. The general working temperature of weld material is 55-80 ℃ higher than its melting temperature.
7. There are too many impurities in welding materials to meet the requirements. Timely detect impurities in welding materials. If not, replace the solder that meets the standard.
8. The preheating temperature is not enough. The preheating temperature can be adjusted so that the surface temperature on the side of the substrate assembly is about 90 ° C to 110 ° C.
9. Improper adjustment of flux service conditions, such as air pressure and height required for foaming. Specific gravity is also an important factor because the flux on the wire surface is affected by specific gravity. Checking the specific density also eliminates the possibility of inappropriate flux abuse due to incorrect labeling, poor storage conditions, etc.

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