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The Best PCB Depaneling Solution for Different Industries

May 10 , 2021

The Best PCB Depaneling Solution for Different Industries

With more than 15 years experience in providing PCB depaneling solutions, our factory has different PCB depaneling products, including V-cut PCB separator, PCB punching machine, PCB router and laser PCB cutting machines. These machines are automatic and offer precise solutions to meet the depaneling needs of different industries.

The factory supplies the PCB depaneler that has an important application in LED lighting, mobile phones and other industries. The depaneler features a robust frame to meet industrial requirements and is available at an affordable price. It can be adjusted with different cutting speeds to suit the cutting requirements of different boards. Its guide can be adjusted vertically and it is ideal for aluminum LED panels. Special mechanical mechanism ensure smooth cutting for LED strips.

For different industrial clients, we also have the advanced PCB separator machine that can easily separate boards of up to 3.5mm thickness. The pneumatically driven separator uses two horizontal knives to separate without stress and will not damage parts as close as 0.5mm from the score line-and the operator cannot misfeed the board. Many automotive customers have purchased this machines. The machine features an advanced technique and is suitable for high end processing of the boards.

pcb separator machine

The factory has a significant PCB depaneling router range that includes Inline and Offline models. These routers feature smooth cutting finish and there is hardly any distortion in the PCB during the cutting process. The router uses a Germany 60000RPM spindle motor that ensures a flawless cutting. AUTO MARK offset system make sure avoid unnecessary mistake before cutting. Top vacuum cleaner and botton vacuum cleaner is optional. Inline PCB Router is a full-automatic on-line cutting device without manual inervention, the front end of which can be matched with trigger or linked to customer’s test line to realize panel forwarding.

Fusen sends machinery across the world and engineers are also available to offer training to the industrial clients in their locations.

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