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Precautions for purchasing customized inline PCB depaneling router machine

Dec 31 , 2021
Precautions for purchasing customized inline PCB depaneling router machine

Inline PCB depaneling router machine can be seen everywhere for electronic processing and manufacturing factories, and most of the equipment are similar in terms of functionality. The difference is nothing more than the difference in price, after-sales and service life. In this way, many purchasers are distressed about how to select the appropriate manufacturer. After all, the price of automatic PCB router machine is expensive and often tens of thousands of thousands, so they have to choose carefully. What should be paid attention to when choosing a PCB separator machine manufacturer?

Durability: Inline PCB router machine generally works in the factory workshop, with long working hours and heavy workload, which requires its components to have durability and heat dissipation, so as to ensure that the machine can work in a good condition and environment, and ensure product quality and production capacity.

Good functionality: due to its production particularity, it has high requirements for functionality. Taking our inline PCB depaneling router machine as an example, we have an excellent vision system. Its high-pixel color CCD and large magnification lens can assist program teaching and editing simulation functions. In addition, the automatic mark positioning correction system carried by it can complete positioning, calibration and cutting in a very short time, improve cutting accuracy, ensure cutting safety and faster production.

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