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Introduces Range of PCB Separator & PCB Router With Different Specifications To Meet The Demands Of Various Consumers

Aug 20 , 2021

China, 10th November 2017: The current scenario in the world market has opened new avenues for development in various fields. There seems to be a growing demand for every good or service that people can possibly think of. It is difficult to balance the levels of demand and supply with an ever increasing consumer base. The judicious use of factories, industries and machinery is imperative to be able to derive profits from trade and transactions. Electronic equipment machinery is one of the factors that contribute to the final output of an industry. Fusen is a company that is involved in the manufacture, sales and development of a wide range of electronic equipment machinery.

Our factory also manufactures a range of PCB router with different specifications to adapt to the demands of various consumers. Their products include desktop PCB router, PCB depaneling router, inline PCB router, etc. The SMTR17 is a new range of router machine that is designed especially for larger PCB boards (460x410 mm). This model can depanelize printed circuit board assemblies and it is the world’s fastest router with a cycle rate of 1 second per tab. The software used for the router is a new graphical user interface with visual programming that allows quick and efficient online programming.

Our factory also produces PCB separator that come in models of varying capacities such as automatic mobile phone PCB, automatic V cutting PCB, PCB linear separator machine, spring separator machine, PCB board separator, etc. The PCB linear separator machine is pneumatically driven and can handler components up to 70 mm high. It can separate boards up to 3.5mm thick, with parts as close as 0.5mm to the score line and has high capacity counter function.

PCB linear separator machine

We also offer laser PCB separator among its wide range of products. Inline laser depaneling machine, laser PCB cutting machine, laser PCB depaneling machine, laser PCB separator as some of the variants that the company manufactures. UV lasers are used for the cutting of printed circuit boards. These boards could be made of kapton, fiber glass material or polyimide. The company uses good quality raw materials while manufacturing the products to reduce maintenance cost and ensure long service life. The company is backed by its team of dedicated professionals who have almost 10 years in this field.

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