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How to prolong the service life of LED PCB depaneler machine

Jun 15 , 2022

How to prolong the service life of LED PCB depaneler machine


1. The coaxiality and concentricity of the cutter blade must be adjusted and controlled within a very small tolerance when it is installed on the cutter.


2. Operate the PCB cutting machine correctly and maintain the blade. Adjust it before use. Try cutting several boards to see if it is smooth. Mass production can be carried out only after the cutting machine operates smoothly. If the cutter is worn normally, it can be sent to the manufacturer for re-grinding.


3. The material of the LED PCB depaneler machine must have certain hardness and toughness, and the heat treatment process must be qualified.


4. Whether the design of the blade of LED strip cutting machine is reasonable, the cutting depth, and the selection of the back angle and front angle of the cutting tool should be determined according to the specific conditions of the PCB to be separated.


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