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Fusen offers various PCB soldering solutions

Jun 25 , 2021

Fusen manufactures and sells different types of hot bar solder, heat soldering machine, etc. for various industrial purposes. We have been quiet innovative in this field and ensure cost effectiveness in their products.

The use of PCB equipment is common in industries that need to connect pathways and tracks through mechanical connectivity. It is important to ensure durability as people need to focus on delivering quality end products. PCB laser soldering machine ensures that the process is completed smoothly and electronic components are smoothly assembled. It is important to go through a proper research before finalizing any product. One can have a look at the testimonials provided by previous clients and have a look on the customer experience. A proper research and detailed look on the specifications helps in making a smart purchase.

When it comes to hot bar soldering machine the main focus is on flexibility and ease in production. The factory has a vacuum function and ensures lead free bonding. The machine weighs around 95 Kg and its dimensions are 660*660*720 mm. Buyers need to go through the welding pressure, temperature settings, alignment mode and various other specifications in order to determine the quality of the product. Less liberation and lesser noise ensures that the work is conducted without any problem to the workers.

hot bar soldering

Soldering machines come in wide varieties and it is important to understand the requirements before purchasing them. Once the buyer goes through the specifications of each and every product it is easy to make comparisons between all the products listed on the website. The robotic soldering machine comes with a heating time of 1 to 99.9s and its memory storage is around 256MB. Flexibility in a product ensures smoother operations and when it comes to wire soldering machine one can easily machines that can be adjusted with ease. These machines are one time investment for the manufacturing units and instead of focusing on cheap quality material it’s important to focus on durability. There is a live chat feature available on the website that helps the buyers to get in contact with the professionals and get their queries solved. Some of the common soldering products include heat soldering machine, laser soldering machine, automatic soldering machine, hot bar soldering machine, etc.

We are a Chinese brand that has been manufacturing soldering machines for a long time now. Along with soldering machines we also make various industrial applications that include LED soldering machine, SMT soldering machine, connector soldering machine, etc.

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