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Fusen Offers PCB separators & PCB Depanelizers

Aug 05 , 2021

China, 6th Aug 2021: Technological advancement has made tremendous growth in almost every industry. The kind of products and services on offer has benefitted customers with exceptional solutions. An area that has also seen constant development is the PCB separators and depanelizers. There are a number of companies in China that is involved in production of such products and one name that has been popular for the past decade is Fusen. The company was found in 2005 and is located in the city of Huizhou in China.

The company is committed to develop, manufacture and sell its own exclusive range of professional PCB separators and PCB depanleizer electronic equipment machinery. Their manufacturing unit is equipped with latest production and processing equipment and is supervised by a team of highly experienced professionals. Each of its supervisors has experience that spreads over 10 years in the electronic equipment industry. Presently the company excels in developing and manufacturing PCB separators, PCB router machine and PCB depaneling machines. The focus of our production has been to pay more attention to the quality of products they offer and the aspect of safety for its customers. Moreover, their extensive range of products is driven by constant innovation over the years.

PCB separator

With customers from across the globe, the company has grown in reputation for a high quality producer, stable performer and manufacturer of highly cost-effective products. For instance, the inline PCB laser cutter is a laser operated machine with wavelength of 355nm and an effective working field of 600mmX400mm. Moreover, it has been made in such a manner that it can be customized as per the specific needs of the customers.

To browse through the other products that the company specializes in, customers can visit our website. Each of these products comes with detailed specifications and high quality images that facilitate the buyers in making an informed purchase. For instance, checking the PCB punch offers all its features along with detailed specs. By referring to these information, customers an easily understand if the product is as per the requirements they might have. Additionally, the team can be reached using contact options featured on the website. We presently offer products to customers from different countries and from different industries.

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