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Fusen Announces Advanced Soldering Machines For Electronic Equipment Industry

Aug 05 , 2021

Huizhou, China, Aug 05, 2021 – For many industries, such as automotive electronics, LED lighting, mobile phone, computer, power supply, electrical appliances and others, soldering machines are important equipment. Fusen announces to supply a range of soldering equipment that can be used in various industries.

Hotbar Soldering Machine

The company supplies the hot bar soldering machine that can be used for the soldering of different products(FPC to PCB, FFC to PCB, Wires to PCB), and one can set the temperature according to the requirement. With a unique thermode head, the machine ensures the average pressure. The machine has the vacuum function opional CCD system that makes it easier for positioning. All our hotbar machines has 3 phase temperature profits(pre-heating, soldering and cooling). With a touchscreen, the machine is easy to operate and perform soldering.

We also supply the pulse heat bonding machine that comes with the closed loop PID temperature control with LED display. It comes with the programmable pressure switch that ensures a precise force control. The real time pressure sensor is used in the machine to trigger the heating cycle.  The machine’s floating thermode guarantees a consistent pressure and heat transfer between the thermode head and the components to be soldered. The machine allows adjustment of pre-heating and soldering temperature for a precise soldering time.

Our factory also specializes in producing the soldering robots, which is an auto soldering machine. The robot allows adjusting the heating rate for soldering different products with suitable soldering tips. The robot has a cleaning function during processing to ensure smooth soldering. The robot supports different ways of welding, including spot welding and drag welding with 3 axis & 4 axis options.

To know more about different soldering machines, one can visit our website.

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