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China PCB Depaneling Router and FPC Punching Machine Manufacturer

Sep 15 , 2021

We are a manufacturer of pcb separator and depanalizer electronic equipment. Our factory is based in China. It was founded in the year 2005. It has a team to experienced and dedicated technicians who are constantly working to provide their customers with quality equipments at the most affordable prices.

Our factory offers FPC punching machine. The machine is used for depaneling PCB/FPC by using punching dies to avoid micro cracks caused by manual punching. It comes with changeable die tools which are easy to set up. It is driven by an air cylinder, convenient for loading and unloading PCBs, it is easy to operate and has a safe protection system. Its standard working area is about 460*320mm, machine dimension of 730*810*1760mm and a cutting precision of ±0.05mm. Its fuse is 3A and works with power of 110/220V.

Our factory also offers PCB depaneling routers. These products are available in different models to suit the requirements of various customers. Their products include PWC Router SMTR17, Inline PCB router SMTIR811, PCB depaneling router, PCB router machine, PCB router machine SMTIR812, PCB router SMTDR300, etc.

Our factory also manufactures inline laser depanelizer. These machines are used for the cutting of various materials such as fiber glass material like FR4 or FPC. The cutting is done by using UV lasers that are low cost and very efficient. The use of this equipment helps to prevent jutting metal tracks and minimizes the heat affected zone or charring.     

Our factory has gained a reputation for being reliable and delivering quality products to its customers on time. Our dedicated teams of workers have an experience of 10 years in the production of PCB separator and depanalizer electronic equipments. They use quality raw materials in the production of the equipments to ensure that the products are efficient and have low maintenance cost.

The details and descriptions of all the products manufactured by our factory are available on our website. Customers are also encouraged to contact the our representatives to clear any doubts that the customers may have.

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