Automatic Soldering Robot


May 10 , 2021
PCB Separators are widely used in automotive electronic manufacturing. Due to the high stress of the traditional folding method, ; ;which seriously affects the product quality, the manual folding plate has been basically replaced by the machine. With the development of automotive electronics, its PCB board is more and more precise, and the requirement of depaneling is also higher and higher. Therefore, manufacturers will choose the PCB depaneling router machine with small stress to achieve their goal.
PCB router application

PCB depaneling router SMTR05, SMTR09, SMTR17, improves the quality of products, the cutting stress is very small to prevent the chip from being damaged in the cutting process. Routers can cut straight line, arc and circle, which greatly reduces the design constraints of the substrate. Also, machine operation is simple, and the switching is fast (switching machine: program switching, fixture switching). The most important is that cutting precision of the router machine is high, reach ± 0.01mm to meet various cutting requirements.

The characteristics of PCB depaneling router machine:

1. Improve product quality and reduce scrap rate.

2. The PCB router is equipped with high pixel color CCD magnifying lens, auxiliary program teaching and editing function, which makes the accuracy more accurate. It can modify the simulation in one step, and industrial LCD display, with clear image and large viewing angle.

3. The PCB router with a hand-held teaching device. The program editor can teach manually. It has the functions of import and export, plate array copy, editing and modification, which can accurately simplify the program making time and accuracy.

4. The PCB router has fully closed and transparent safety door, which is safe to operate and easy to observe.

5. The PCB router machine is equipped with a powerful dust cleaner, and the upper and lower dust collection modes are optional, which can clean and solve the problem of cutting dust.

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