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Automatic PCB Router Delivery

Aug 05 , 2021

Automatic PCB Router Delivery

Automatic PCB router with dual tables shipped to Turkey.

Precautions during operation of dual table automatic PCB router:

First of all, as for the PCB router machinery itself, we need to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the PCB separator before operation. This step is not only used to check the specification of dual table automatic PCB router, but also to ensure the safety of relevant operators. In this part of work, we mainly focus on the cleaning of relevant parts and whether there is damage or looseness, so as to carry out routine inspection and promote the smooth progress of follow-up work.

Second, it is related to the specific operating environment. Generally speaking, the full automatic PCB router has certain requirements for the working environment, so it can be well adjusted and maintain its normal function, so as to bring good work efficiency to our production activities.

In addition, after the first operation of the full-automatic PCB router, it is best not to enter the production workshop for personnel and articles unrelated to the operation, so as to prevent unnecessary potential safety hazards and accidental losses.

Functions of dual table automatic PCB router:
1. Single/dual workbench, with the maximum speed of 100mm / s and the positioning speed of 500mm / s.
2. It can be cut continuously without interruption during loading and unloading.
3. The high-quality shaft system can accelerate and decelerate the system quickly, reduce the synchronization time, reduce the travel productivity, and adhere to high precision.
4. Use high-quality hardware to ensure high rigidity and high functionality.
5. Cover all lead screws to prevent dust from entering, and then move the service life and function of the rotating shaft.

The application of automatic PCB router in production practice has very obvious advantages.

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