Automatic Soldering Robot
  • LED Lighting

    LED Lighting

    PCB separator machine is widely used in LED industry, and deeply loved by industry customers. SMTD3 with 6 circular blades is workable for simple led strip cutting. The production capacity of this machine can reach 2000 PCS / hour. For the high production capacity of LED strip cutting, the multi blade cutting machine SMTAD10 can solve the problem of efficiency. Similarly, the PCB punch machine is ...
  • Automotive


    PCB Separators are widely used in automotive electronic manufacturing. Due to the high stress of the traditional folding method, ; ;which seriously affects the product quality, the manual folding plate has been basically replaced by the machine. With the development of automotive electronics, its PCB board is more and more precise, and the requirement of depaneling is also higher and higher. There...
  • Aerospace


    You may only know that laser welding machine and fiber laser marking machine are widely used in the current aerospace field, which provides a lot of convenience for the processing and production in the aerospace field. In fact, laser depaneling machine is also widely used in the field of aerospace, especially in the field of aeroengine. As the top manufacturing aero-engine, it is a highly complex ...
  • Medical


    At present, some large and medium-sized medical equipment are controlled by the industrial motherboard. The medical equipment using the industrial motherboard mainly includes the following categories: life information and support, clinical testing, digital ultrasound, and radiation imaging. These industrial motherboards can be separated and welded by our v-cut pneumatic PCB depanelizer, laser depa...
  • Electronics Industries

    Electronics Industries

    Mobile phones, TV sets, air conditioners and other large and small household appliances and daily necessities will use a variety of circuit boards, thus creating a huge market collective of PCB ; separator machines. With the rapid increase of the global demand for intelligent mobile equipment, the demand for PCB separators also increases greatly. Therefore, it is very important to improve the prod...
  • Toys


    The PCB depaneling and soldering requirments of electronic toys, is not high, normal standard machines meet the requirements of manufacturers. PCB separators machines and soldering robots are the right solution for toys manufacturing. Many of our customers have purchased SMTMD2, SMTPD2, SMTDR300, SMTSR223, SMTSR114, SMTSR224, SMTS02, SMTS12, SMTS22 for their depaneling and soldering applications.

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