Automatic Soldering Robot


May 10 , 2021

You may only know that laser welding machine and fiber laser marking machine are widely used in the current aerospace field, which provides a lot of convenience for the processing and production in the aerospace field. In fact, laser depaneling machine is also widely used in the field of aerospace, especially in the field of aeroengine.

As the top manufacturing aero-engine, it is a highly complex and precise thermal machinery. Every manufacturing is extremely harsh and requires a wide range of materials. The high-temperature parts in it not only need to withstand the hot high temperature, but also need to withstand the strong air pressure. The slightest error directly leads to the failure of the whole aircraft. Now the design and manufacture of aero-engine is very complicated, which covers tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of small parts. A large number of titanium alloy, high-temperature gold, stainless steel and other non-metallic special coatings are used. These materials not only have high hardness and brittleness, but also have high melting point and low thermal conductivity. ;If the conventional processing method is adopted, not only the operation is complex, but also the process requirements are difficult to achieve. Therefore, it is necessary to use the current high-tech means - laser cutting machine of laser technology.

And now the laser technology, with the continuous maturity of technical means, as well as the development of related industries, laser industrial technology is more and more widely used in the field of aerospace. As an important technology of laser application, laser cutting technology is widely used in aerospace field, especially in the field of aeroengine.

Laser depaneling application

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