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Advantages and precautions of PCB separator in SMT assembly line

Jul 14 , 2021

Advantages and precautions of PCB separator in SMT assembly line

Using PCB separator in SMT assembly line can improve operation and production efficiency. The effect of traditional manual folding operation is not good. It is usually used in PCBA processing plants. This also adds two elements to operation and production. One is guarantee, the other is quality.

1. PCB separator is usually used in PCBA processing plant. Its purpose is to replace the traditional manual folding, improve production efficiency and ensure product quality.

2. At first glance, PCB separator is more complicated. It's going to be confusing. However, in practical application, no matter what kind of circuit board is used, its application principle is not as complex as we think. In the practical application of PCB, there are three types: single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB and Multilayer PCB. In terms of the number of faces, the mechanism of single-sided PCB is the simplest.

3. Of course, in addition to considering safety issues in the design and construction of the distributor, in the actual operation process, the staff should first carefully check the distance between the upper and lower cutters when turning on the power. When using the trigger, it is forbidden to put your hand into the machine. In any case of machine operation, do not remove the protective plate around the blade to avoid accidents. In addition, the PCB separator is only used as a daughter board, not for other purposes. In the whole process of use, electrostatic protection must be carried out, and the staff must wear electrostatic ring for operation.

4. When using the PCB separator, the staff must put the PCB separator slot on the fixed tool holder, and then move the PCB separator horizontally. Do not wear loose clothes when operating the machine. Hair must be tied up to prevent accidents.

5. When the PCB separator stops working, the staff should pay attention to the maintenance work, pay attention to the protection of the upper and lower knife positioning plates and upper and lower knife edges at any time, remove the surface and internal debris of the machine, and check the machine screws at any time. The situation is getting tighter. If the machine does not work for a long time, remove the upper and lower positioning plates and upper and lower cutters to apply oil as protection, and wipe them clean before use. In addition, before using the machine, check whether the circuit is damaged.

6. In addition, daily inspection and maintenance must be carried out normally to check whether the blade is loose or not, so as to avoid accidents during operation. If the PCB separator is abnormal and needs to be repaired, first of all, make sure that the power cord has been disconnected from the socket, Operate to avoid the risk of electric shock.

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