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Advantages and operation precautions of PCB depanelizer

Apr 15 , 2021
Advantages and operation precautions of PCB depanelizer

What are the advantages of automatic PCB depanelizer instead of hand breaking?
1. PCB depanelizer is mainly used in PCBA processing plant, its purpose is to replace the traditional manual folding, improve production efficiency and ensure product quality.
pcb depanelizer
2. PCB circuit board is more complex. However, in the actual application, no matter what kind of circuit board, its application principle is not as complex as we imagine. PCB circuit board in the actual application, mainly divided into single-sided PCB circuit board, double-sided PCB circuit board, and Multilayer PCB circuit board. In terms of the number of faces, the mechanism of single-sided PCB is the simplest.

3. Of course, in addition to the safety considerations of the distributor manufacturer when designing the structure, in the actual operation process, the staff should first carefully check the spacing between the upper and lower cutters before turning on the power supply of the machine. In the process of using, it is strictly forbidden to put their hands inside the machine. In any case of the machine operation, they should not put their hands into the machine, Do not remove the protective plate around the blade to avoid accidents. In addition, the PCB depanelizer is only used as a cutter, and can not be used for other purposes. In the whole process of use, it is necessary to do a good job in electrostatic protection, and the staff must wear the electrostatic ring before they work.

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